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Safety Matters at Lendlease

  • PPE: It is the responsibility of the licensed builder to ensure that all staff on site wear appropriate safety gear including harnesses, clothing, sight and hearing protection.  
  • Fencing: For the security of staff, materials and passers-by, Council requires that a secure construction fence be in place prior to the commencement of home construction.  
  • Wildlife: There are occasions where wildlife are active in residential areas and within construction sites. Take care when working with piles of dormant building materials in case they have become a shelter to wildlife.
  • Safe work methods: All contractors and consultants are to review the broad risk assessment for the development they are working in and understand the various mitigations and responses if there are to be incidents on site.   
    Driving around site: Police enforce speed limits throughout the community, including during construction. It’s imperative that speed limits are adhered to for the safety of our residents, staff and all workers on site.
  • Dial Before You Dig: Underground services may include electricity, gas, potable water, sewer and reticulated water for irrigation of garden beds. For the safety of workers and prevention of costly damage, call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or check their site on
  • Construction landfill and rubbish: Please ensure that the rubbish generated from construction does not stray beyond the construction fencing. Packaging should be secured in one area until disposal so that it does not blow onto adjoining lots or open spaces. Landfill from your job must be disposed of promptly, and it is not acceptable to store it on neighbouring land. Officers from Council ensure compliance with development consent and matters such as noise complaints, unauthorised land filling and dumping of rubbish on private property. Council is also responsible for enforcing siltation controls relating to development and other activities in the municipality. Report all illegal dumping to Council.